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It has come to our attention that very few visuals of the CRCMH are widely available, especially in cyberspace. Therefore, an integral part of the idealogy behind this site is to preserve and make available as many images, maps and photographs of the CRCMH as possible.

Some of these are from personal collections and have not been seen before. At any length, virtually all of them have been tracked down from obscure sources and we are proud to present a growing collection here in order to build up a picture of what the place is (and was) like.



Anybody is more than welcome to contribute images of any kind to this site, just harass us by email.

It must be stressed here that this is a strictly non-profit site. It is not our desire to get into copyright hassles with regard to the origin of images. Thus, wherever possible, we have credited or linked to the original source of the image. If, however, you have issues of any kind with a specific image, please do not hesitate to contact us because we have compiled this site with the intention to provide an historical and mystical resource - not with any intention to defraud. Thank you.



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