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Having had the time of your life at this website (okay, so that might be going a bit far - but we hope you've found it useful anyway), why not stay online and have a surf through some of these sites?

Yes, links pages can be a tad dodgy at times, but you are assured that anywhere we're going to send you to from here is either: a) related in some way to a topic discussed on this site, b) a top quality site that's well worth a look, or c) a combination of the two. Incidently, these suggestions are entirely of our own doing. There's no advertising on this site - so if there's a link here, it's because we feel it's appropriate in being here - so there for nothing.

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Major CRCMH-related websites


The Shrine's chief rival? Ha!

The OFFICIAL Cliveden Hospital Redevelopment Website
Maintained by the National Trust in partnership with Countryside Properties, this resource - which went online in Spring 2003 - is the primary place to visit if you either want the latest news on the impending development, or indeed if you wish to have your say.

The OFFICIAL "Say NO To CRCMH Redevelopment" Website

This is the polar opposite of the above National Trust website. Check it out, and learn how you can show your support for the Cliveden 'No' Campaign. It might be far too late to save the hospital as we know it, but there's still hope when it comes to avoiding any proposed unrealistic high-density local development at the site. Keep truly up to date on the matter here.

Ghosts & Derelict Hospitals

Got the Urge to Urbex?

Urban Exploration UK
A website devoted to the clandestine exploration of abandoned British buildings. Full of great abandoned sites - including hospitals (such as Cane Hill). Don't just look at the pictures - have a read too - it's interesting. Good links as well, and the perfect place to continue your online quest into urban exploration.

Simon Cornwell's Urban Exploration Site
This site concentrates on RAF Wyton & Cane Hill - and groovy it is too. Features some nice photographs, and they're not tacky snapshots either. Worthy of RAF Wyton's "photographic factory" in fact. So, trot along and get stuck in...

Cane Hill
I must say that I'm jealous. Cane Hill, near Croydon, South London is an abandoned mental hospital that would make any CRCMH explorer envious. That's not to say that the CRCMH isn't worthy - just that Cane Hill is pure magic (check out the aerial photo and cringe), and now, like the CRCMH sadly under threat. Witness the sacrilege to be - for it is indeed a huge and magnificent complex of buildings, and there's some lovely photos here. And full points too for registering before the scummy developers got there - "excellent"...

The original (American) Urban Exploration site and originator of the Urban Exploration Webring - which we're not a part of for the simple reason that we're not altogether sure that webrings are actually effective. Add to that the horrible obtrusive graphics that come with them. Still, don't let that detract you from this site because it's well worth a look.

The Ghost Club
Founded in 1862, this British society is the oldest organisation in the world associated with psychical research. A good place for anyone interested in the supernatural.

Cyberspace home of the Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena - another respected British organisation.

Fear on MTV
An interesting American site based around an MTV series with good links to websites on haunted derelict buildings - including British and American hospitals. Unfortunately, this site is often temporarily suspended for excessive bandwidth usage - so get in while you can!

Ghosts in Berkshire
A site concentrating on local hauntings by Alan Cleaver, author of the book Strange Berkshire. It details the major ghost stories from Berkshire and environs.

Medical Heritage
This site lists places which house collections of old British medical aparatus and other ancient paraphernalia taken from derelict hospital buildings, which it points out "are now a familiar part of the British urban landscape."

Mothman Prophecies
The official site for "The Mothman Prophecies" - a Hollywood film based around an entity uncannily similar to The Flincher - was taken offline some time ago now. However, here's a good website for you which should tell you more than you need to know about this mysterious phenomenon. Check it out and decide for yourself.

Mystical World Wide Web
A British hauntings site - with a section on haunted hospitals.

Sean O'Boyle's site
Features great photos of abandoned hospitals in the Netherlands.

Safety News
Features a story whereby a British health authority was fined for leaving stuff behind in a derelict hospital - a warning to the former tenants of the CRCMH if ever there was one.

Toronto Ghosts
This is an American site - but it covers Canada too (and we are dealing with the Canadian Red Cross Memorial Hospital here). It's a very good site though, and even features comments about The Flincher on its message board - my favourite being: "Cooool! I really did like that story. I wasn't to keen on the trespassing part. But still good story." So there.

Zwerdling Nursing Archives
A collection of wonderful old nursing postcards maintained by Michael Zwerdling RN. His forthcoming book, scheduled for release in October 2003, will contain images related to the Duchess of Connaught/ Canadian Red Cross Memorial Hospital.


Local Area

Visit Maidenhead...

Clocktower Web's Paul Baker brings you this excellent and definitive site for anyone who wants to know anything about Maidenhead. Do not pass GO, do not collect $200 - Simply head straight here for the best Maidenhead destination on the internet.

Walking About in Downtown Maidenhead
New Jersey resident and former Maidonian Bob Egby presents a nice visual tour of the town. Discover what the place looked like in September 2001 with some interesting photos.

It's sinthetic-tastic...

Daze's Maidenhead based music and nightlife website community geared toward the darker, more gothic end of the spectrum. Right up Pwürg's alley in fact. Features an interesting Message Board - regular contributors of which include Mist Raiders' very own Nathaniel Hang (aka. Grimble Grumble) and
Pwürg (Isaac Mangang and Lucas Bones) themselves. Even the elusive Ray Hurley-Castle has been know to say a word or two.

Buckinghamshire County Council
Online home for the local government body. This site has some fantastic old photos of the area, but be warned that the effectiveness of the search facility is questionable. The title of the images within doesn't always reflect the name of the location portrayed - for instance, a photo of Taplow Court might be called "Driveway with lovely flower arrangement" or something equally painful. Which is absolutely useless if you're looking for a picture of Taplow Court. The site also lists material in the archives it governs, including many documents associated with the CRCMH (which are held in libraries or storage facilities). Go have a browse...

Buckinghamshire Photos
An array of village and church photos from Bucks and Beds - a godsend to genealogists, so I hear.

Carry On-line
A site devoted to the very local Carry On films - where you can discover what locations were used for filming - and no, the CRCMH didn't feature - Maidenhead Town Hall (which is now likewise under threat) was invariably used whenever they needed a hospital.

Clean Services
Very strange trivia - This commercial laundry company was set up during WWI using five temporary wards obtained from the CRCMH which were erected in Beaconsfield. Click here for Damon's unique advice of "Things to do in Beaconsfield" that has nothing whatsoever to do with the CRCMH...
The best site on the beautiful nearby village of Cookham - has plenty of information on the great Stanley Spencer. Webmaster Damon is somewhat chuffed that he can reminisce by visiting the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne, Australia where there's one solitary Spencer in its collection - but it's thankfully a marvellous one that's "very Cookham" featuring the distinctive chain fences near the churchyard.

Yes, they warrant a logo because I grew up reading their ficticious babble - plus of course they helped to promote Pwurg and Gratis Surprise. Besides, it IS the best place to visit online if you want the latest "news" from the surrounding area. So there.

Maidenhead Advertiser
The town's #1 weekly read - get all the gossip first online. Updated every Friday-ish (I think) which coincidentally is when the paper itself comes out in a tabloid format (they dropped the broadsheet a few years ago, much to the delight of the paperboys of Maidenhead, which used to include myself in the days of yonder).

Taplow - Home of the CRCMH
It goes without saying that this website is to Taplow what is to Maidenhead or is to Cookham. Run by passionate local Andrew Findlay, it features a great photographic tour of the village and many links to other locally relevant sites.

South Buckinghamshire Council
Planning and Transportation Committee meeting transcript which discussed the CRCMH - at last, we discovered where this came from!

The Footsteps Series
Contains a walking tour of Cliveden. There's a few other interesting things (not to mention freaky stuff that make us look almost "normal") on this site if you have a look around.


Environmental Resources

Destroying the countryside?

Countryside Properties
The National Trust's partner in the redevelpment of the CRCMH site, having beaten several other organisations for that honour. Although the new development website (above) contains the most relevant information, this link is to their main cyberspace home - in case you wanted to examine their integrity or discover what else they're up to.

King Sturge
International property consultants assigned by the National Trust to lead the quest to find the best proposal for the future of the CRCMH site. This honour was eventually won by Countryside Properties.

Trust No One.

The National Trust
Official site of the National Trust - The owners of the CRCMH site.

An independent consultancy firm specialising in the fields of urban regeneration, sustainability and urban design. Often concerned with the CRCMH development.


People & Places

Nothing whatsoever to do with Terrence & Phillip

The Canadian Military Heritage Project
This site is dedicated to presenting Canadian military history - wars, uprisings and conflicts in which Canadians participated. Their goal is to preserve the records and memories of Canadians who served for their country, and to ensure that their sacrifices are not forgotten.

Georgetown University
Houses memorabilia and papers from English novelist Christopher Sykes - Biographer of Evelyn Waugh and friend of the Astors, who spent much time in and around the CRCMH.

Medical Journals
A tale from E. Besterman - a former CRCMH worker, now a consultant cardiologist in Jamaica.

Old Maps
A good site featuring historic B&W maps online.

Ordnance Survey
Free online OS maps for personal use.

War Cemeteries
A site full of information on war cemeteries and memorials. This link will take you to the Cliveden War Cemetery entry - so navigate backwards from that if you want to peruse some others.

Wellcome Trust
Holds records of noted rheumatologist Professor Eric Bywaters who worked at the CRCMH from 1947 to 1975. This website was down last time I checked, but it is allegedly still in operation.

Pwürg and Other Stories

Frondulon's Sporetastic Pwürg Download Centre
Yes folks - if it's Pwürg music you're after, head over here. It's pretty basic at the moment (and features some very questionable quality MP3s) but will offer a greater quantity and quality of groovy free downloadable product in the near future.

Join Frondulon and friends at Owen's latest art site - features spores aplenty and his many contributions to B3TA and lots more besides. And very groovy it all is indeed.

The best site online for Counter Strike gamers - designed and maintained by Owen amongst others.

Dead End? /
Both Damon's original website (Dead End?) and Owen's original website (Esoteria) are now offline, supposedly forever - although cached versions of certain popular sections may be resurrected elsewhere in the future.


If you know of any other places in cyberspace that are genuinely relevant to this site - by all means let us know so we can pass them on to everyone. Also, reporting dead links here is appreciated too (how fickle is the internet?) - Ta very much.


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