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The CRCMH has been in an abandoned state of deterioration since 1985 (or even 1986 or 1987 according to the consultants reports). Athough this has only enhanced its appeal to many visitors, there has long been talk amongst the powers that be to rectify the situation.

The site is, as ever, owned by The National Trust. Much thought has gone into possible usage of the land over the years since the hospital ceased working. Indeed, ever since the very late 1980s, workers contracted by the Trust have been seen surveying and removing structures from the site.

The brochure cover shows only images of "lovely" Cliveden - Where's the real site? Where's our hospital?...


At last, decision time is upon us. In 2001, after over 15 years of neglect, the National Trust entrusted property consultants King Sturge to oversee the operation of finding a suitable proposal for the site. This resulted in the production of their brochure (left) in order to target interested development parties.

The press release issued alongside the brochure is also reproduced here, along with articles and discussions from elsewhere in order to keep you up to date with the present fate of the CRCMH.


by King Sturge - July 2001

by King Sturge - July 2001

CRCMH articles - Nov 2001 to Present

Information from elsewhere


We are always grateful for any other information concerning the fate of the CRCMH - and will post any interesting developments that we may have missed here if you would like to contact us and pass them on. This is especially important given that one of the Webmasters is residing as far away from Maidenhead as you can possibly get - and thus doesn't get much chance to scout around the local vicinity for breaking news.


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