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UPDATE: Sunday 17th November 2002


  • This update is proudly brought to you by Hurtle Lupton. There's nothing to add is there - other than the fact that he's real. Seriously. Go on, you know you want to harrass him at (if only to ask "what were your parents thinking?)
  • Well, a very long-standing mystery has truly been solved this time around. The answer to easily one of the most frequently asked questions in fact - being "where is/was the morgue?" Thanks to newly uncovered plans courtesy of CRCMH devotee Michael (eternal gratitude), we can now finally reveal the precise location of this much sought after macabre relic.
    So feast your eyes on this:

What's interesting is that, whilst we always knew it was around the north of the site (as indicated by all available evidence), it is unlikely that it ever occurred to anybody to search this far north. In fact, this area was for a long time behind a fence and considered part of the neighbouring (and occasionally thriving with activity) sawmill complex - strictly out of bounds to any explorer who wished to remain unseen. Remarkably, it appears to lie behind the building that's behind the staff building - certainly the last place we'd have ever thought of looking. So, what does it look like now? Well, nobody knows..."yet."

Have a look at the incriminating plan here (which is now resident in our Maps section), and then head off without further ado to Michael's website where he's put up some nice large photos of the plans up just for you to browse (and be warned if you have a slower connection - because by "large" we mean a full megabyte or so each).

Better quality scans are potentially headed this way soon, and indeed a discussion on some other things revealed by these latest finds (for instance, the exact purpose of many rooms and wings can now be reliably confirmed - so we'll endeavour to get around to adjusting references on The Shrine accordingly).

  • The e-group was graced with this message from "M.K" on November 2nd:

    I was exploring the hospital today in Cliveden and we heard lots of things and then we saw a black figure zoom quickly across infront of the main building! Then we threw a rock or stone at the lodge and it came flying back at us!! I was shit scared!"

    Yes, we nearly died laughing - but please refrain from sending us similar literary masterpieces. Unless they're true, that is.

  • Ooh, it must be Christmas or something. There's a few other things currently being played about with before they're put online, and Ray's new stuff is coming along slowly but surely too.

  • Oh - almost forgot - the solution unscramble code for last update's CRCMH Craptic Crosspwürg is: 5951. The winner of our first prize - a Mercedes SLK convertible - was Mr Jethro.Q.Walrustitty of Effing Sodbury.

UPDATE: Friday 1st November 2002


  • This update is proudly brought to you by the rather "stunning" Bettina Huebers - who has long claimed to be Paul McCartney's illegitimate daughter. Well, actually it isn't because we've never met her. Yeah right, just like Paul never met her mother, probably. Our real sponsor is at the bottom of this page...

  • Well, here's something quite interesting - he says whilst you're still thinking a) Who the hell is Bettina Huebers? and b) What? Another update? Crikey - it's only been a week! Are they on drugs or something? It's true that the "other interesting creepy places to explore" section (aka Other Hauntings) has been a little stagnant since we first went online, but at last we're pleased to announce a new location to join Taplow Lodge and Braywick House. Yes folks, it's Dropmore House. It's amazing that so obvious a place didn't appear here sooner than it has, but now - with extra special thanks to our roving investigator Balraj Gill - you can discover what mysterious joys are nestling a mere few hundred metres up the road from our very own hospital (figuratively speaking on that last bit sadly). And intriguing it all is too - go take a look.

  • And from that to something far more trivial - quite literally(ish). We are even less proud to present the very first CRCMH Craptic Crosspwürg to download. This is the first in hopefully a series of pointless bamboozling crosswords available to you at The Shrine. It's crap (and indeed carp) - hence "Craptic Crosspwürg", and it's not known whether anyone can possibly analyse our brains enough to figure the whole thing out. Some clues are "cryptic", others "quick", but most all are Pwürg related, CRCMH related, or a twisted combination of them both. All words are real words - with the exception of a couple of names/places/whatever which are well-known within Pwürg/CRCMH circles. So have fun with it and drive yourself completely mad ...or don't.

    But before you get too comfortable, it should be known that we have decided to be, well, complete and utter bastards. The solution to the crosspwurg has been scrambled, which means that you can't see the answers until we give you the special 4-digit unscramble code. We don't want to drive you mad forever, so howsabout this: We'll post the code on this very page in a week or two (mid-November), so see how you go in the meantime (if you're bored enough to be bothered at all, that is).

    To have a go at the puzzle off-line

    1. Download Across Lite and install on your computer (it's only 321kb so it won't eat too much of your hard-drive - and a nifty little piece of software it is too - it's absolutely free and there's squillions of other crosswords available for it elsewhere in cyberspace (and will be more here soon).
    2. Save our puzzle file (crosspwurg001.puz) to your computer - but be warned - it's a "whopping" 3kb - told you it was funny!
    3. Open the .puz file in Across Lite - and "Hey Presto!"
    4. Get frustrated and hate us forevermore.

  • Ooh - The FAQ page (which means Frequently Asked Questions for those of you who, rather humorously, have taken the trouble to ask us what it stands for) has been given a slightly new lease of life with a general updating of things that needed updating - as well as some even more annoying pictures of your humble webmasters.

  • And on an equally pointless topic - fancy some funky new Pwürg desktop wallpaper? It's 800x600 pixels, and you can get it here.

  • More groovy things shortly...

UPDATE: Saturday 26th October 2002


  • This update is proudly brought to you by Line-O-Coke from MB Games. Well, actually it isn't because there's no such product - and even if there was, judging by the kids' clothes they would've ceased making it a few decades ago. Our real sponsor is at the bottom of this page...

  • Aha! We returneth with much alarm and surprise. Well, whatever. Nothing particularly new seems to be going on regarding the hospital site itself, but we've got a few new things for you to peruse here...

  • You can now indulge yourselves - and this is a really good one for the CRCMH enthusiast - in a lovely aerial shot of the entire site seemingly taken shortly after completion of the hospital. It's only missing the Animal Lab area off the edge, and Taplow Lodge is on there too - woohoo! It comes from an old postcard and appears here courtesy of the Ansell/ Bywaters book (though it needed so much doctoring that it's virtually an original work now). Now you get to see where you've wandered around from the air -"oooh..."

  • A new addition to the History page - a decent reproduction of the stone tablet which once stood outside the main entrance doors. This was also derived from an illustration in the Ansell-Bywaters book and has solved a long-running issue. We already have one snapshot from 1993 which features the plaque - the problem being that it was frustratingly cropped long ago (for a Pwürg sleeve no less - but things like that thankfully don't need to happen these days with computer image manipulation) and the negative was lost in the mists of time. Although the top half of the text was recorded and is reproduced several times here already, we were never sure what the other half said. So now we all know. Isn't that nice?...

  • Sometime CRCMH visitor Bob Hurley has kindly donated 2 trippy photos which we've chucked in the Ghost Photos section. They aren't technically ghost photos but they don't really fit anywhere else either. Go check out the page for a more detailed explanation.

  • Aha! At last - we finally get to find out who Peter Wakefield Sault is, and you can too by having a look in the Celebrities section. You may recall that he was mentioned as being born in the CRCMH in a history page factoid (which has been removed now that we have a slightly better profile elsewhere). Anyway, we'd written this:

    Pointless Factoid #2: Peter Wakefield Sault - author of "The Keys of Atlantis" was born at the CRCMH at the stroke of midnight on September 30th, 1950. If anybody has actually heard of either him or his alleged book, we'd love to know - because we're all stumped here.

    So Peter responded with this:

    Sorry if I ever got the name of the hospital wrong. I always thought it was the Royal Canadian Military Hospital. So did my (ex-)wife, who was also born there, 27th April 1951. Many thanks to whoever for tying up my umbilical so neatly.
    Warmest regards,
    Peter Wakefield Sault

    ...therefore, he is quite real, and indeed has produced some interesting (if slightly mindboggling) work of both a literary and musical nature. So go and have a look for yourself.

  • A couple more former CRCMH staff members have been added to the list on the Contact page at their own request. Let's hope some there's serious reunions on the horizon...just on the off-chance that we can get the leftover beer of course)

  • And that's just about it for the moment methinks. Except to say that everyone of sound mind (well, actually that isn't a prerequisite) should be checking out Webmaster Owen's expanded Fwip site (aka the Pwürg download centre). It's full of funktabulous art and things (puts this site to shame to be honest) - and will be hosting more CRCMH photos and - shock horror! - even MPEG video footage in the not-at-all-that-far-away future. So there. Hope you're all having fun anyway - and remember that we're still both a tad more preoccupied than "normal" (whatever that means?) at the moment, so please do be patient if waiting for a response from us - We're doing our best to get everything done.

  • Until next time..."Woooo."

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