ARCHIVE for June 2002

UPDATE: Friday 28th June 2002

  • A couple of new photos have been added today - which is rather misleading, because these are actually very old photos - accessible from both the History and Miscellaneous Photographs pages. The first is a wartime group shot inside one of the wards, seemingly at Christmas (unless it was a victory celebration). It's a small picture, but interesting all the same. The other, perhaps more important photograph features a Royal family visit during the 1940s. Taken within the inner courtyard of the CRCMH, Queen Elizabeth (the future Queen Mother) is flanked by Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret and a number of military and nursing personnel. It seems that we CRCMH visitors keep some formidable company - though I can't help but wonder if little Liz went home that day and wrote in her diary: "One saw the Flincher horribilis and one pooed one's self most promptly."
  • Jeanne Hopkins' comments about the CRCMH kitchen (which appear on the History page) have also been appropriately added to the What's for Dinner? page as well.
  • And that's just about it folks - but as ever, there's more on its way...

UPDATE: Tuesday 25th June 2002
  • More nice historical anecdotes and some geographical information added to the History page, courtesy of the one and only Jeanne Hopkins. Several other bits have also been updated and the layout has had a tiny spring clean.
  • A couple of new pieces of information added to the Taplow Lodge page thanks to Catherine Johnston - in particular concerning the 19th Century engraving which may or may not feature Taplow Lodge. Now you can find out the engaging truth.
  • New links added to the Pwrg and Elsewhere pages - including the All-New Bare Bones Pwrg Download Site™ - and Static: Maidenhead's foremost gothic music and nightlife website.
  • Ray assures us that Part Two of his Conquest 2002 Archive is not "a million miles away".

UPDATE: Friday 21st June 2002

  • You may or may not have noticed that our very own Ray Hurley-Castle has surpassed being merely a cult figure. On The Shrine Message Board (which you can access from here) he has now been hailed as a sex symbol. In honour of this newfound "hunkibility", we proudly offer a collection of 9 Windows desktop icons - all featuring Mr Hurley-Castle and available in a zip file for easy download here. Spice up your desktop now.
  • New link added for Simon Cornwell's Urban Exploration site on the Elsewhere page.
  • Just a reminder not to talk complete rubbish when using the Message Board. This is not aimed at anybody in particular. Not "Joe Farrand" of Marlow or anyone... "much".
  • A mini Pwürg adventure game "taster" has been produced (with much fanfare and resulting joy from those who have seen it). But at 5mb in size, we think it's probably too big to just chuck up online - but we're looking into whether it's worth trying, or best to wait for the full groovy thing. The point is, that it was rushed and is very short and very stupid for what it is (not to mention so incredibly esoteric that hardly anyone is going to understand it). And it also features a South Park version of Pwürg which won't feature in the decent game mentioned previously. Still, if you would be interested in downloading five huge megabytes of hospital related sillyness, contact us with your plea (or use the Message Board), because if we get enough interest we might find a way to get it up online. There's a screenshot below to give you some idea of the sort of thing it is anyway. Have a think...

P.C. Bob has right idea for our hamper of joy?

UPDATE: Tuesday 4th June 2002

  • We've got a few things for you today, but perhaps the most noteworthy in terms of being important is an all-new contact email address for us here at The Shrine - which is, quite logically: Don't ask why we have a new address - that would just destroy one of life's little mysteries. Now, don't panic if you send mail to the old address by mistake because we'll still get it, but we do ask that you try and remember the new one from this day forth - amend your address books if necessary - not least because your message will be discovered and dealt with much quicker, with both webmasters regularly perusing the new inbox for the joy and rapture that is your mail - keep it coming & we'll continue in our endeavour to satisfy your most sordid demands. Perhaps.
  • Ooh - there's another addition to the What's For Dinner? page: a couple of cupboard door signs from the kitchen reading "Cooked Food" and "Raw Food." Sizzling stuff indeed.
  • As promised, the one and only Ray Hurley-Castle has put pen to paper (well, finger to keys actually) and given us a little insight into what its like to explore the CRCMH. This is part one of (we hope) a two part feature in which Ray details what he got up to on Part Two of Conquest 2002. For those of you wondering what it's like wandering around the hospital, this is a most informative introductory account and we'd highly recommend that you check it out here - and yes, believe it or not, he does actually encounter an unexplained being on his travels. Was it The Flincher? What are you waiting for? Read on and find out...
  • Just a reminder to sign the "Save Our Hospital" petition on the CRCMH Message Board if you haven't already done so. Access it through the Contact page. Also, we are pleased to announce that a new Pwürg MP3 download site is presently being established, so before too long, you'll have access to some of the most ridiculous sounds ever to have come out of Maidenhead, you lucky lucky people. Watch this space.



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